You see logos every single day; the face of another company is everywhere you look. But have you ever stopped and examined the logos you know and love a little closer?

Below are 10 popular logos with hidden meanings!


FedEx Logo Hidden Meaning

The legendary FedEx logo is classed a holy grail by some designers for its use of negative space. Designed in 1974 by Lindon Leader, the logo has won over 40 awards internationally thanks to its simplicity and the rightward pointing arrow that lies between the E and the X. This design was created to subliminally feed thoughts of forward thinking and movement.


Amazon Logo Hidden Meaning

Amazon is another huge company with a logo that many of us see almost every day. I’m sure most people have picked up on the arrow emulating a smile, projecting positivity and satisfaction into the brand.  Though, not everybody notices that the arrow is actually pointing from A to Z, elaborating the wise range of retail items that Amazon sell.

Sony Vaio

Vaio Logo Hidden Meaning

Vaio is a great example of having a hidden meaning within your logo, so hidden that I only picked up on it recently! The logo integrates the ideas of analog and digital technology into one, using the V and A to represent an analog wave, and the I and O to represent binary from the digital world.

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Toblerone Logo Hidden Meaning

Toblerone is a company from Bern, Switzerland; home to the Matterhorn Mountain and also known as the “City of Bears”. See if you can spot the bear nestled within the mountain design. This is a great example of incorporating a company’s roots into their logo so they never forget their origins.


NVC Logo Hidden Meaning

This is one of the most popular logos in the world with great meaning behind it. Each of the Peacocks feathers represent a branch of the NBC Network: Entertainment, Stations, Network, and Productions. The Peacocks head is also looking to the right as opposed to the left, to suggest looking forward to the future, not back at the past.


Unilever Logo Hidden Meaning

The Unilever logo has a whole bunch of hidden meanings integrated into it. Due to the company producing thousands of products, they have summed up some of the core values and products and reflected this in a number of different icons that make up a U. It provides an interesting logo that you can pick apart in further detail, creating a memorable brand impression.


Wikipedia Logo Hidden Meaning

Not so much a hidden meaning, but have you ever wondered why the spherical jigsaw that is the Wikipedia logo has parts missing? It’s pretty simple, Wikipedia’s goal is to be an encyclopaedia of knowledge for everybody, everywhere. Having the sphere being incomplete represents the fact it will always be a work in progress, increasing in articles and information every day.


LG Logo Hidden Meaning

The LG logo is one recognised worldwide on a number of products. Glancing at it every day, you may see the L and the G incorporated into the device representing the brand name. What some people miss is the face it is supposed to create. The L makes up the nose and the G the rest of the face. LG have done this to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for their brand, providing a trustworthy base for their products. Some designers also see a subtle not to Pacman in the logo, but you can figure that one out for yourselves!

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Pittsburgh Zoo

Pittsburgh Zoo Hidden Meaning

Pittsburgh Zoo has created a fantastic logo with a stellar use of negative space. What on first glance seems to be a tree, houses the faces of a Gorilla, a Lion and a few fish! Many logos use this trick. The idea is to make you study the logo. As you are viewing it and taking it in, it slowly becomes embedded into your memory and makes the brand easier to remember, “Oh, Pittsburgh Zoo, the one with the Gorilla and Lion hidden in the logo?”

London Symphony Orchestra

LSA Hidden Meaning

The London Symphony Orchestra has one of my absolute favourite logos. When you first look at the logo, you can see LSO in a beautiful script font, representing the elegance and class of the orchestra. Look closer and you can see the shape of a conductor, his baton and his other arm. Genius!

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