As creatives, we benefit from spaces that we can share work, get critique, keep up with the latest news and engage in useful and productive conversation.

Subreddits You Should Subscribe to

I find one of the best places for this is Reddit. If you don’t know already, Reddit is one of the web’s biggest and busiest websites, holding just about every piece of content you can imagine. Made up of a plethora of communities (known as subreddits) and you can find just about anything. We’re going to focus on 5 that center around design in this article, and how you can find them useful.


I’m going to start off with this wonderful corner of the Internet. Going strong with 709,731 readers, Photoshop Battles is a place for you to have a giggle at the wonderful creations that can be made with Photoshop. A user submits an image that they think would make a great battle; you take that image over to Photoshop and create the wildest thing your mind can imagine. Whether you want to join in and create a masterpiece, a 5-minute job or sit on the sidelines and watch the battles commence, there’s never a shortage of new threads or hilarious images being posted. This is definitely one to subscribe to if you’re looking for something to get your creativity flowing, or just looking for a laugh during lunch.


I love this subreddit as the community here is always willing to offer advice to anybody, novice or expert. Sure, some users can be overly harsh or simply trolling, but the majority of users here really want to help to create a world of better designers. If you have a question about a specific technique, a client related question or simply want to engage in conversation with other designers, try subscribing here and you might just find yourself offering your own advice!


Sitting with 14,781 readers, this community is anything but inactive. Unlike the previous community, Design Critiques is specifically set up to allow you to post your designs and receive constructive criticism from other members on what’s good, bad and where to improve. I would be cautious with posting commercial work before completion here, as it’s easy for anybody to steal your design and run with it themselves. Other than that, getting feedback is really easy and can contribute massively to the improvement of your work and own design technique.


Looking for a tool to help you get a project finished? Look no further than the Web Design subreddit. This community comprises of a group of talented developers and designers – all trying to make the web a better place. Similar to the other communities featured here, a lot of question and advice threads are posted with many engaging discussions taking place. It also features an abundance of useful bookmark-worthy tools that will make your creative process a lot easier.


Though this isn’t the most active subreddit on the list with 3,132 readers, 52 challenges are posted at the start of the year for you and your creative mind to try your hand at - simply for personal enjoyment. The challenges can be completed in any order and you can take however long you like. The idea is to stimulate your creativity and improve your skills with prompts. You can even cross-post your designs to /r/design_critiques if you want even more tips on how to improve.

And that completes my list. There are many, many other design communities on Reddit that I recommend you also subscribe to, such as: /r/designjobs /r/identifythisfont /r/typography /r/CrappyDesign /r/interiordesign /r/designthought and /r/DesignPorn.

Do you have any must-have subreddits in your subscribe list? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on social media by using #ALJTMedia!

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