We have been working with Brophy McPaul over the past few months to build a clean, modern and responsive website for their brand, and it's live!

Brophy McPaul is a Human Resources consulting firm handling Recruitment, Assessment and Development assignments for Public, Private & Not for Profit organisations. They came to us in search of updating their old website to ensure they didn't slip behind their competitors.

Brophy McPaul New Website

We built the new website on our own CMS, ensuring everything is completely customisable so Brophy McPaul have complete freedom over their content and imagery. We also built specific add-ons for the slightly more complex additions to the website.

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Brophy McPaul Responsive

One of the most important factors of the website was that it had to look great on mobile and tablet. Since their last website wasn't responsive, this was at the top of Brophy McPaul's wishlist. We made sure this was integrated from the start with a "mobile first" mentality.

We are very happy with the outcome of the Brophy McPaul site and they can pride themselves on having a beautiful, modern and functional website.

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