Google never differ from their promise that each office they open will reflect fabulous elements from the surrounding city, providing it's employees a place where they really feel at home.

Klein Dytham Architecture, a Tokyo based design firm were handed the task of creating an eye-catching, memorable space that would firmly stamp Google's mark on Japan, with Japan stamping it's firmly on Google.

The Front Desk

Situated in the Roppongi Hills complex the offices are mindfully placed in the heart of the city. Originally proposing a colourful scheme based on tradition Japanese textiling, this idea was rejected as KDA claim:

"Google requested an even more vivid evocation of Japanese culture. Looking to communicate the Japanese context without resorting to cliché, KDA incorporated surprising elements such as a full-scale yatai (mobile food stall) and a digital koi pond that greets people at one of the entrances–responding to hidden sensors, carp projected onto the floor move towards those who enter the space as if expecting to be fed."

Check out more of Google's exciting new Japan offices below:

Work Area

Taking Phone Call

Bizarre Hair Wall


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