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There is a growing dissatisfaction with Adobe and their subscription licensing model for the Creative Cloud, which was aimed at a more social, scalable and affordable option for designers, that dramatically backfired.

Designers have been looking lately for alternatives to the Adobe Creative Cloud products, but with Adobe having a clear foundation and vantage point over all other alternate software applications, there is little competition against them.

However, could all this be about to change? Google is already a multi-functioning business; best known as the largest and most-used search engine whilst also providing Google Glass, Google+, Drive, Mail, Chrome, apps, and much more! Google already provides business tools that many professionals can’t live without; most of us use Google Drive to store our files, and most people access Google Mail throughout the day on multiple devices.

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Google have previously taken no interest into the huge web design market other than providing Google Analytics and Adwords - a curious business strategy given that they hold exclusive rights to the browser with the largest market share, Chrome.

Google Chrome - Web Design Cheshire

Recent news suggests that this may all be about to change after Google 'let slip' that its new product “Google Web Designer” will be launching in the next few months (view original post).

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Although it is highly unlikely Google will be releasing a 'Creative Suite' product series anytime soon, 'Google Web Designer' is expected to be an enhanced version of Google's already available Google Sites (so probably no threat to Adobe's dominance). At the moment it is speculated it'll be a hybrid solution of Chrome's existing Developer Tools and Adobe's Edge tools.

It seems a stretch to think that Google Web Designer could replace Creative Cloud applications, but then it wasn’t that long ago that people thought of WordPress as 'just a blogging platform'.

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So we could potentially be looking at Google Web Designer becoming a marketable skill and leading product in the next 12 months.

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