Want to keep on top of your followers?

Stalkr has been the tool to let you do that, the longest running tool available for Tumblr is about to get a major re-vamp.

What will it look like?


Tumblr Stalkr, your follower watch

What's new?

  • Your data is stored on Tumblr, you can keep your eye on it without worrying about the data we store.
  • The time restriction will start at 8 hours to handle peak load and reduce to 2 hours dependant on the number of followers.
  • You've got a full history at your disposable.
  • Instant follow and unfollow buttons.
  • You can see who isn't following you back and who you don't follow back.

How is my data stored on Tumblr?

All your data is stored into your drafts, we keep a track of all the ID's of the posts so we can get them off Tumblr when we need them. You'll see a collection like this:

Tumblr Stalkr, your follower watch

We keep a record of all the posts we make but if you don't like clutter you're freely allowed to delete the history we keep. But if you delete the "followers" or "following" drafts we will have no record of your account at all, so be sure to keep them ones in tact; but you can remove the "history" files if you don't want to keep a history.

When will it be available?

I'm currently finalising all the details but I really need your help to spread the word. I'm not a Tumblr user myself any more as my work took control of my life (as it does). If you could share the word around Tumblr, I'd greatly appreciate it.

The new service will be put live on Wednesday 13th February 2013 14:00 (GMT). The current service will be taken offline for approximately 60 minutes whilst I clean out the old and setup the new.

So, what's the catch?

The only catch is that my current Tumblr Stalkr data is going to be wiped clean. It'll be a clean slate. All the accounts that currently have premium are set to expire shortly and from then on there will be no premium-service. I've implemented an algorithm to handle the load. If the demand peaks beyond what my servers can handle then it'll automatically serve the load depending on the last time you used the service.

Please click the share buttons below and spread the word, tag us #stalkr #tumblrstalk #tumblrstalkr.

Update: 14/02/2013

The updated version of Tumblr Stalkr is now live. As I mentioned, all user data has been reset and your account will show a first time usage (unless you're an old premium member who still have premium benefits for 1 more month).

I've updated the CloudFront CDN from Amazon that we use to distribute our CSS and it is currently invalidating our old stylesheets to update the look and feel of Stalkr. If you find any problems, please contact us, mention us on Twitter @ALJTMedia, leave us a comment on Facebook or Google+

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