Apple has been preparing the Moscone Center in San Francisco for its Worldwide Developer Conference all week.

Apple WWDC - iOS7 - Web Design Cheshire

Today banners for iOS 7 appeared featuring a very colorful and thin "7" denoting the version of the software Apple will preview on Monday. The dots in the banners above likely represent the transparent nature of the new OS that they're going to release. The banner and the WWDC webpage features a showcase of vibrant colours and patterns - could this be the new look to iOS?

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iOS 7 - Apple WWDC

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Banners for OS X have also gone up, featuring the same ultra thin font. Apple have used a wave wallpaper as the background which could be a crucial departure away from the cosmic background that we are all used too.

Mac OS X - Apple WWDC

(Credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

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