Apple has released information detailing the construction of a three-year plan for a 2.8 million square foot spaceship campus.

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The document is mainly aimed at minicipal governments in the area and therefore focuses on the tax revenue and estimated 9,200 construction workers that will needed to be brought in on a full-time basis over the next three years to work on the construction phase. 

The construction is split into two main phases. Phase 1 will accommodate 13,000+ employees across the main building with additional buildings such as an auditorium, fitness centre, parking structures, research and development buildings, and a central plant located throughout the total of the 3.42 million square feet building space.

Phase 2 will see the introduction of 300,000 more square feet of space, adding room for 1,200 more employees. However, this phase has been delayed indefinitely for cost-saving measures.

The report, which was prepared by Keyser Marston Associates, details the amount of additional jobs and revenue that will come to Santa Clara County - where Apple is headquartered - as a result of the construction project. Apple expects to hire more than 7,000 new employees by 2016 to fill the office - bringing the company's area staff to 23,400. What's more, Apple projects that it will support more than 41,000 jobs in the county "through expenditures by Apple and Apple employees."

Apple as predicted that the new campus will lead to $32 million in additional property tax revenue annually, and the company plans to pump $66 million into public improvements to be built around the campus, including bicycle and pedestrian facilities, park land, and a voluntary $2.5 million contribution to Cupertino's affordable housing fund.

The full report, available from Apple's public relations page [PDF], includes dozens of pages of charts and tables to support the assertions. The new Spaceship Campus is not expected to have any significant opposition and has already received broad approval from the city.

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