Summer, that time of year where flowers bloom and colours shine allowing photographers to capture the perfect shots.

Below are a handful of our favourite HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography from Google+. You can find links to the photographers on each photo and Google+ Communities at the bottom.

Fountain On The East - Web Design Cheshire

Fountain On The East by Eric Walker - A beautiful fountain on the east end of the United States Capital.

Don't Wake Me Up - Web Design Cheshire

Don't Wake Me Up by Iaila Ballack.

The Shard, London - Web Design Cheshire

The Shard, London UK by Lee Gatman.

Mount Royal - Web Design Cheshire

Mount Royal by Alex Rykov.

Sicily, Italy - Web Design Cheshire

Sicily, Italy by Albrecht Noll.

Sunset - Web Design Cheshire

Sunset / Sunrise by Oscar Diaz Olivares - The reddish light of sunset is reflected in the East clouds. Light that turns west as if it were the light of dawn.

Country Club Sunset - Web Design Cheshire

Country Club Sunset by Keith Cudderback - When it's quiet on the course at sunset I'll go out and find a scene like this to shoot. This hole, the long par 5, is right behind my house. Processed in Lightroom.

Mt. Rainier - Web Design Cheshire

Mt. Rainier National Park by Stacy Butera - There is nothing like being in the shadow of pure raw beauty, such as Mt. Rainier! 7 shot blended 32-bit HDR.

Sunset in Rhon - Web Design Cheshire

Sunset in Rhön by Dirk Hössel.

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