We are all guilty of it, and it seems that new research has proven so. That Brits waste £5.8m a year on apps that we never use.

According to Tesco Mobile, they estimates that less than a third of the 23 apps installed on the average smartphone are used on a regular basis.

Smart Phones

We often have those apps that stir up a craze; where that one friend recommends you to buy it and you end up using it once for it to be locked away in the depths of your phone never to be opened again. Fitness, cooking and language apps are among the most unused.

"With so many apps readily available, it's tempting to get app happy and download those that seem like a good idea at the time but are never likely to get used," said Chief Marketing Officer of Tesco Mobile, Simon Groves.

The study suggests that only 10% of users delete unused apps regularly and a staggering 15% have never deleted an app from their phone.

Are you amongst the guilty, do you have any apps that you've paid for but never used? You can get in touch with us by mentioning #ALJTMedia on Twitter or by leaving a comment on our Facebook,Google+ or LinkedIn page.

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