Fiberio is a rear-projected tabletop system that identifies users based on their fingerprints during each interaction - unobtrusively and securely.

Fiberio - Web Design Cheshire

The shown application uses this to verify that the respective user has the authority to perform the current activity, here approve invoices above a certain value. The key that allows Fiberio to display an image and sense fingerprints at the same time is its screen material: a fibre optic plate.

Developed by a pair of German scientists, they hope this will act as the first step in any system - a gateway to being able to depart from desktop computers whilst being able to connect you with your personal files.

The touchscreen, called Fiberio, is reportedly capable of recognising individual fingerprints. The researchers hope that it may make it possible to access content specific to the user. The tabletop tablet's images are projected onto the screen from below, which is comprised of small optical fibres arranged vertically in a flat panel.

An infrared light placed next to the projector helps identify the user, via biometric fingerprint scan, with accuracy “up to FBI standards.” As Christian Holz, one of the researchers, told New Scientist, displays can't scan fingerprints and fingerprint sensors can't display images. "What we have invented does both," he said.

Fiberio recognises touch, but also hovering objects, such as the user's fingers. Fiberio also recognises fiducial markers that are attached to tangible objects. The marker attached to the shown cube measures only 3mm x 3mm.

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