With the huge increase in popularity of mobile and tablet devices, Zurb has taken this into consideratoin and has revamped its popular foundation framework to take a 'mobile first' approach.

Foundation is popular responsive framework that allows you to rapidly prototype your website with ease. It features a responsive design that gets lighter, faster and more advanced so you can code smarter.

The codebase for the responsive front-end framework has been completely rewritten with new features added into the new structure. Zurb said the primary goal behind the rewrite has been to produce a “mobile-first” approach. From their blog:

“We’ve retooled Foundation from the ground up to be Mobile First. This is no hack job; we didn’t just flip some media queries and call it a day. We went through the framework and rethought how grids should work, how components should work in a mobile-first paradigm, so we could be sure the solution we deliver in Foundation 4 is smart and sturdy.”

I personally love the Foundation Framework and I have featured it in all of my latest projects. It is a fantastic starting point for any project and it allows rapid-prototyping with a neat looking interface! It's nice to see that they've added a lot more customise options when generating your own build, although it is a pain that they've changed the grid layout (again!)

Have you used the Foundation Framework? What are your thoughts? Let me know by mentioning #ALJTMedia on Twitter or leave a comment on our Facebook or Google+ page.

Update: 01/03/12 19:31

I grabbed a copy myself to update one of my projects with and I found some current problems whilst grabbing a custom build with missing 'em' and 'px' values causing a funny looking page. I've reported the issue and I'll keep you posted!

I've just stumbled into another issue; is it possible to open jQuery Reveal programatically anymore? I love the changes they've made to their Javascript.. but it backfires when things stop working!

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