Get four free Christmas vectors! The pack includes a colourful Christmas tree, a friendly snowman, a yummy gingerbread man and a festive Christmas stocking.

Get these for free Christmas vectors below. You can use these to decorate your website, blog or print them out as ideal little decorations for children to hang on their Christmas tree this festive season!

Created with Illustrator, the pack itself includes an EPS file and a high resolution JPEG file. The EPS should be able to be read by any vector based program.

If you have any issues with the pack or download please let us know and we will try to fix it straight away. 

Tutorial on how to create the Christmas tree in this pack to follow soon!

To download we would appreciate it if you could pay us with a Tweet - it only takes two minutes and it helps us out a tonne. Thanks.


Merry Christmas from ALJT Media!

Free Christmas Vectors


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