Well that didn't take long, did it? Hot on the heels of Apple's launch event in San Francisco last night (Sep 9) designers have been working hard to create wonderful PSD mockups. Already.

Free iPhone 6S and iPad Pro Mockups

Free iPhone 6S and iPad Pro PSD Mockups

It's the event tech geeks, Apple fans and non-fans wait for every year. The announcement of the new iPhone. This year it was the turn of the iPhone 6S (naturally). We're going to save our fingers the hassle of writing a roundup blog since you've already read 5 today. No need to pretend.

But what we will say is the event was one of the biggest in Apple's history. We got a new iPhone, the monstrous 12.9" iPad Pro, an Apple TV update and some swanky new Apple Watch designs. Oh, and a "pencil". Yeah.

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Whatever you think of Apple, there's no denying that the hype they create with their product launches is unlike anything we see from any other company on the tech playing field. Which leads us nicely on...

To you! Our favourite people in the world. All of you mockup creators, sat at you computers waiting for Apple to update their website so you can grab the highest resolution product images ready to turn inti PSD mockups. We salute you.

To celebrate the launch of the iPhone 6S and the iPad Pro, we've rounded up the newest PSD mockups to appear online (so far). And you can download them for free. Woohoo!

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil Mockup

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil PSD Mockup

Clean PSD mockup of the iPad Pro

iPad Pro Mockup

iPad Pro with Apple Pencil PSD Mockup

One clean 2048 x 2732 px sized free PSD mockup

iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Rose Gold Mockup

iPhone 6S Mockup

One clean PSD mockup showing the Phone 6S and 6S Plus