Every year the advancements in technology and the applications of technology in the world around us rapidly increase and change the way we operate our daily routines.

But what will make 2013 so special? What will set it apart from any other year? New things come into industry, old things run their sell-by date and are slowly squeezed out of the system in a sort of balancing equilibrium. It's always a caseof waiting to see what new ideas, devices and gadgets people come up with!

For me, I've always wanted to expand my knowledge into areas that I've never really considered. Since a young age I've been a PHP developer and I've only considered other languages when I've had too; for my Computing A-level (Delphi & Pascal), for my University course (Java, Objective-C); but I've learnt that I've developed a good act of picking up langages quite easily and that's why I want to start focusing my work towards Scala built apps, specifically taking advantage of Summer (for HTML5 support) because PHP is a great language, but it's also a very limiting langage. Which, yes, you can say for any language but when you're drilled in about memory and management, and you switch back to PHP.. there is a large contrast.

I'm not sure why I opted for Scala seems as I never was a true fan of Java, I understood it and picked it up very easily but I never liked it as a language; maybe it's the push that most large companies or applications on the web take advantage of Scala and its seamless scalability management. You can read more on Scala here.

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