Today Google released its much anticipated Gmail update for iOS featuring a redesigned inbox, improved notifications and more.

Google Mail iOS Redesign - Web Design Cheshire

The latest redesign is aimed at giving users more control of their inbox. It affects mobile and web applications by providing users with a platform of tools to help organise the emails into categories; Primary, Social, Offers, Notifications and Forums - allowing you to select the tabs you want to appear and which messages appear in each of them.

The Gmail version 2.3.14159 for iOS changelog is as follows:

  • New notifications options: Get notified for all messages, only important messages, or none at all, on a per account basis. Customize these settings from the in-app settings page.
  • Meet the new inbox: If you’ve enabled the new inbox, your mail is now grouped into categories so that you can see what’s new at a glance and decide which emails you want to read when. Primary mail is shown first and it’s easy to access and keep track of email in other categories by opening the menu. Configure this feature by going to on your computer.

Previously, the update was only available on the desktop version of Google Mail by opting in to test the new design before the official release. The Android app update started to trickle out yesterday while the new iOS app was released today.

The iOS update works for both the iPhone and the iPad. Google has now come full circle with this release (it doesn’t offer Windows Phone nor BlackBerry apps), meaning it is probably already hard at work on the next one.

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