Google is celebrating its 15th birthday today and marking the occasion by letting you play with their interactive Doodle on the homepage, by smashing their star-shaped birthday pinata.

Google's 15th Birthday

Google has added another birthday treat to its search engine, simply type "Google in 1998" into Google search and you'll be taken back to how the site looked 15 years ago.

Whilst noticing the visual changes, you'll also be shown the actual search results for the term 'Google' as they were in 1998. 15 years ago, only yielding 234,000 results whilst today, googling 'Google' returns in excess of 9,450,000,000 results.

Google in 1998

Google celebrates its birthday in one way or another every year. However, this year the company made significant changes to its search algorithm; codenamed "Hummingbird," it affects 90% of searches and is meant to be able to return more complex search queries and expressions.

Posted earlier this morning to Google Plus, Google said: "When you’re looking up your favorite band, you're probably looking for other information about them, such as their songs, albums or music videos. Today's changes make it easier for you to see this type of connected information when you search for music, movies, books, paintings and more."

"So now if you search for [the National songs], you’ll see a list of their songs. Simply click on one song, like “Sea of Love” and you’ll cue up the video for the song with results. If you want to switch to another title, you can easily click amongst them." - read the full blog post here.

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