Google is rolling out a new top bar navigation style across its services.

Google have been experimenting with different layouts and it seems very likely that Google will roll out this new navigation to all Google users over the next few days.

The navigation interface is more similar to Google's Android OS or Chrome navigation, where the navigation items are within a box button that can be activated to reveal all the services and options available.

The new minimalist white navigation has replaced the black navigation bar, though requiring users to invoke the service menu.

Google has not yet confirmed this is legit, they did comment in a Google Web Search Help. Jessica Schwartz said: "We are constantly running experiments on the look and functionality of search, which is why you're seeing the current layout."

Below is the fullscreen image:


Google Redesigns Navigation Web Design


iOS App Updates

We've also noticed that Google have recently updated their 'Google Chrome', 'Google Drive' and 'Google Mail' apps, all reflecting the new white style:

Google Redesigns iOS Apps

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