Hello! You may have noticed if you've tried to find ALJT Media that you're being redirected here, to Made by Magnitude... that's because we've rebranded! 

We've been working really hard on ourselves for the past few months and we decided to review our position as a company, what were were doing and where we want to be. We didn't take the decision to rename and rebrand our company lightly, but we're glad we have. Made by Magnitude represents our goals and aims of a strong, powerful team with the capacity to expand and grow continuously, now and in the future.

Our New LogoOur new logo / Made by Magnitude

Another major feauture of ours that has been updated is our Stalkr application for Tumblr. You can read all about that here.

Take a good look around the new website (we spent a really long time on it), get acquainted with Made by Magnitude and join us on our new adventure! 

Please bear with us as we may have some teething problems while we migrate across from the old website. If you find anything major, drop us an email so we can get it fixed straight away. 

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