We've all become familiar with holograms - they're in almost every sci-fi film, but what if life-sized holograms eventually became a reality in your own living room?

HoloVision - Technology for The Home

Well don't worry - we may be in luck.

Los Angeles-based Provision 3D Media is trying to raise $950,000 on Kickstarter to make its hologram technology life-size. Currently the company has successfully developed its HoloVision displays in sizes as small as 3 inches and ranging up to as large as 52 inches.

The technology has been developed to be scalable with demand, giving the ability to project larger holograms. CEO, Curt Thorton expressed that they've turned to the Kickstarter community to get funds to tool, test and go through the trial-and-error process to get a working life-sized prototype hologram, that even we can test and see in action.

Thornton said the HoloVision technology will be different to other holograms because his company would like to reinvent the light source that produces the image.

'A New Proprietary Light Source'

Instead of using laser technology, he said the company will develop a "new proprietary light source" to provide the "horsepower" to produce something the size of a human. The specifics of the patented technology and proprietary processes were not detailed. However, a digital file would be put through a proprietary light source, that would be processed and eventually a floating image would be produced.

'Endless Possibilities'

Thornton said, "The first application for our life-size holographic display will be for video games, where players will be able to actually 'see' a floating digital holographic image, and be able to 'touch' and interact with the hologram using Provision’s proprietary gesture recognition platform.

We envision secondary applications including holographic cell phones, televisions, and computers; with uses in education, the medical field, apparel, social networking, video conferencing, and military – virtually any application that currently uses a traditional 2D display. The possibilities are only limited by our imaginations!"

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