What's all the Hype about? For anyone on a mac, HTML 5 animations have just been propelled into a new era with Hype’s latest update.

Hype 3 New Update

Hype 3 is out now - tumult.com/hype/

Tumult: Hype.

Tumult has come a long way from it’s first release where it allowed anyone from a tech novice to a professional animator to use it’s app to create seamless HTML5 animations with ease, without any knowledge of CSS, HTML or javascript. 

Evolution of Hype

With the dawn of Hype 3, users have been granted the ability to utilise physics in their animations, applying gravity to elements to allow them to collide and react to their surroundings. Now users can create a diverse, dynamic scene which can be pushed out to both tablet and mobile devices with the introduction of 3’s new responsive layout abilities. 

Anybody knowledgeable with Adobe Flash will be familiar with Hypes new implementation of Symbols, allowing a user to reuse a scene within a scene to create a more manageable work setup. Tumult's tutorials and documentation section provide both text and video guides on how to produce a whole range of actions and ideas for your project, and the forums are constantly alive and active with Hype users sharing advice and helping the community.

One of the great new updates from Tumult is the introduction of themes, layouts and in particular, grid systems. Many of todays designers base their layouts on a grid which is easily translatable by developers, and now with Hype 3 Pro, you can achieve visual accuracy by working on a 960 grid inspired layout system with customisable column and gutter widths. 

Exporting options

One of the best aspects of Hype, spanning from Hype 2 to the latest upgrade, is the excellent ability to create gifs from your html5 animations, or export the project as MPEG-4. The output of exporting a project is a glitch free, smooth animation with a happily low file size. Only one thing to note on any export is that transparent backgrounds, although achievable, are best left to the html5 output where the line renders are not effected by the dreaded jagged edges that transparent gifs sometimes throw up. 

Add on a reflection

Tumult has created a buddy for Hype, Hype Reflect. The companion app allows you to preview your changes live on an iOS device by using your Wi-Fi connection. Reflect allows you to correct the dimensions of a project, making sure it scales exactly how it needs to be. It exports exact previews to ensure your projects will look how you want visitors see them. It even allows you to edit in real time using the Mirror Mode, shortening the edit cycle and reducing the overall trouble of amends. 

Price Tag

Anyone who hasn’t tried Hype can get a 15 day free trial, with no limitations on what you can create. Even when the trial is up, the price tag of $49.99 (£39.99) or the professional version for $99.99 is not a lot of pocket money to be able to get your hands on something that can exceed many expectations in the HTML5 animation arena.


You can buy or get the free trial of Hype 3 here.


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