The 'If This Then That' (IFTTT) is a service that allows you to connect two different apps or services together based on certain criteria and parameters.

If This Then That - iPhone App - Web Design Cheshire

The connections you create are called recipes and they're extremely easy to use and can make your life much easier. You simply have to specify the 'This' and 'That' of the equation to create your own recipe.

Previously, IFTTT was only available on the web however the service officially launched for iOS on Thursday bringing additional iPhone-specific features to grind your teeth into!

The IFTTT iPhone app adds support for the Contacts, Photos and Reminders functionality on your iPhone; this means you can set IFTTT up to interact with those functions in unique and useful ways such as linking your email, Dropbox or Google Drive up to every time you take a photo using your phone's camera - that way you've always got a backup of your images.

Here are some examples, you can find more recipes here:

IFTTT Recipes

In addition to helping you create recipes on-the-go, the IFTTT app also shows a timeline view of all of the recipes it has completed for you, as well as a handpicked recipe that the service thinks you’ll find particularly useful.

Do you use IFTTT? Let us know what recipes you've got setup. You can get in touch with us by mentioning #ALJTMedia on Twitter, leaving a comment on our FacebookGoogle+ or LinkedIn page, or writing a comment below.

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