We’ve been working hard on developing an iOS app that stemmed from our Creative Director wanting to be able to preview his Instagram feed before posting his next masterpiece.

Snug, the Instagram Feed Previewer

After spending hours and hours researching, we stumbled upon a goldmine of fascinating, unique and creative Instagram feeds with 3-picture rows, perfect colour combinations and photography portfolios - them all. Every image taking delicate care and attention to make sure they perfectly aligned with their feed.

You've taken 20 photos to get the perfect shot, filtered and tweaked it with your favourite editing apps and you're ready to post on Instagram – but will it look good in your feed? That's where Snug comes in!

Snug lets you preview how your next Instagram post looks against your existing feed before you send it. Swap, crop and export all in the app and make your feed beautiful.

Snug, iOS App for Instagram Preview

Sure, people take Instragram seriously and sure, people don’t take it seriously and there’s nothing wrong with either. We wanted to create Snug to help anybody who wants to preview their next post before they send it.

We’re just preparing Snug for its final rounds of testing and then we’ll have it available from the Apple AppStore.

But we couldn’t stop there - developing Snug has been a great learning experience. Built on Swift 2 and developed using the latest Xcode, we’ve built an app that’s designed for iOS 8 and the upcoming iOS 9 platform. We’ve broken the development down and looked at all the great features of Swift 2 and the packages we’ve included that have really helped - read it all here.

If you want to know when Snug is available, click the button below and register your interest:

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