If you hadn't already noticed - we've had a makeover and there's a brand spanking new version of Tumblr Stalkr.

The brand new Tumblr Stalkr from Made by Magnitude

Since we launched Stalkr, our user base has rapidly grown and one of the biggest things we've been working is how we could completely freshen Stalkr without affecting the 1 million active users that enjoy Stalkr each month. It's been a long couple of months stripping everything out and rewriting the entire codebase from start to finish. But the most recent changes allow us to continue to expand Stalkr and provide even more functionality to all the Tumblr users that use it.

We briefly touched upon some of the new features on Tumblr: There's a new version of Tumblr Stalkr landing!

Support Stalkr, Go Pro!

After 4 years of running Stalkr, one of the biggest changes is the introduction of paid plans. Why, you may be wondering?

We have on average 15 million changes every month and all of the interactions we do with Tumblr have to go through their single-file API, so as you can imagine, streamlining the process is imperative. By introducing paid plans we're able to add new servers on-demand to cope with the extra pressure put on Stalkr and we're able to lower the time restrictions that active bloggers are faced with so that they can more actively check their account changes.

Paid plans are billed on a monthly subscription basis so last the full 30 days after payment is received. You're not tied into any fixed contract so you can easily cancel or suspend your subscription at any point and then resume it at a later point. Plans are charged on a consumption basis. The larger blogs that require the more intensive processing will need to subscribe to a larger package whilst smaller blogs can still take advantage of the 'Forever Free' or 'Pro' package.

Do I have to pay?

Of course not!

We've maintaned a 'Forever Free' package which covers 90% of the accounts on Stalkr. It gives you 1 free account with up to 1000 followers / following. If you're just slightly over then you can contact us through the support page at any point and we'll be able to speak with you individually to come to some arrangement.

Why do I need an email?

Tumblr is a real pain.

Everything works off your URL which gets really confusing when two people change URLs and use each others. Your data gets really messy and we have to spend a lot of time dealing with this. From now on, we use your emails to authorise this type of change so that both blogs can mutually confirm they swapped URL (as long as they're on Stalkr, of course).

If you inherit somebody elses account and get their data, we'll make you aware of this and help you swap over your URL automatically so it's reflected on Stalkr.

This is the main reason we've introduced the new account system. Not only that, but from July we'll be introducing background checking for our Pro users that allows you to automatically be alerted as and when your followers change - smart, right?

We appreciate every single Tumblr user that uses Stalkr and we always want your feedback. You can get in touch with us and read all our other FAQs at any time through our support page.

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