The third beta version of iOS 7 will be released today, which can be downloaded if you are a registered Apple Developer.

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iOS 7 beta 3 is expected to be released today but developers should still expect bugs and problems whilst the software is still in its early testing phase. Though there haven't been any official releases on what the update will fix, an insider reported that Apple is working on 'immediately fixing the heat problems' that iOS 7 is causing on devices. Users running iOS 7 on an iPhone 4 have reported their phone's to get unbearably hot from doing simple tasks.

UPDATE: Hands On: iOS 7 Beta 3 Released 

Expect iOS 7 Beta 3 to Have Bugs and Problems

Whilst the software has been criticised as a 'very buggy OS by Apple', people are reminded that the software is beta. The same problems and mass of reports were found for iOS 6, just more people have opted to getting an early-trial of iOS 7 and therefore are experiencing the bugs that we shouldn't expect to find in the official release of iOS 7.

We will provide an updated post when Apple have released iOS 7 Beta 3 and we've been able to play around with the software.

What We Would like to See

Having used iOS 7 for a few weeks now - there are a lot of tweaks I'd hope Apple to introduce. Although these are small UI tweaks and the overall 'flow' and 'feel' of iOS 7 there are still some core components that we hope Apple fix.

If you're running iOS 7 and you're using an application - have you tried pulling up the Control Centre and struggled to pull it up? Similarly, the Notification Centre that doesn't want to come down? It is frustrating having to close everything just to get into the Control Centre which is supposed to be a 'quick' way of accessing everything.

Also, I know Apple took a minimalist streamline approach with the OS, but what is with that annoying transition when you lock your phone? Is there any need for that?

What problems have you found that you'd like fixing in iOS 7 beta 3? You can get in touch with us by mentioning #ALJTMedia on Twitter, leaving a comment on our FacebookGoogle+ or LinkedIn page, or writing a comment below.

Image Source: iMore

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