Are you an iPhone user and tired of the same interface in every iOS version? Do you think it is time we see something different?

I've been looking around for potential new iOS 7 interfaces and I've found some pretty neat ideas. My favourite is by Eric Vasille posted on his French iPhone blog, shows a re-imagined iOS interface with a completely new concept and visual appearance and appeal to it.

iOS 7 Concept Interface

Many people have passed the comments that, well, there is no longer a dock in this concept. For me personally, the dock is useful to get to the applications I used the most but usually I open up my device straight from a notification or by using a quick scroll from the notification centre. The recent apps area could potentially replace the dock and provide different widgets, even being extended to pin apps to a new widget like we see with the location weather app - smart eh. I'm keen on the idea of the quick access toggles to give you switches between connectivity, brightness (for those with an iPad, you know it is frustrating changing the brightness on an iPhone in comparison) and other quick-toggle options.

What are your opinions on the concept? Let me know by mentioning #ALJTMedia on Twitter or leave a comment on our Facebook or Google+ page.

Other Resources

 - [New Concept iOS] iOS 7 Concept Video for iPhone, YouTube

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