iOS 7 is a heated discussion, with many feeling the iOS is now lacking the original innovative design and ideas that it once originally centered around.

Recently, with the date that the alleged iOS 7 will surface, more concepts are being put forward. We recently discussed this in iOS 7 concept completely changes the iPhone interface. A key number of Apple-focused bloggers claimed that iOS 7 was running behind schedule, to the extent that Mac developers had been pulled in to help with the iOS development, and that it would bring a significat user interface revamp and refresh.

Designer F. Bianco posted a selection of images to Flickr (iOS 7 Concept) which put across something interesting ideas and possibilities that Apple could introduce to iOS 7 to improve the user interface and experience. Apple is in stiff competition and the new interface will most likely face scrutiny with companies such as Facebook laying out its vision for how phone users should use and interact with their devices.

Check out the video below, what are your thoughts - could this be what iOS 7 potentially shapes into?

What do you think iOS 7 will look like? What features would you like to see adding or removing? Let me know your comments by mentioning #ALJTMedia on Twitter or leave a comment on our Facebook or Google+ page.

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