iOS 7 GUI PSD is the perfect template for designers to use as the foundations to their iOS 7 applications.

Provided by teehan+lax, you can get your hands on a Photoshop template of GUI elements found in the beta 1 release of iOS 7. As the PSD is based on the beta, elements may change over time as they're fine-tuned and the OS becomes more refined. Download PSD.

iOS7 GUI Template PSD

As iOS 7 has completed re-designed the interface for all applications, you'll find yourself facing an issue when designing your app - do you completely move to the iOS 7 GUI, or do you partially migrate, still providing some layout support for iOS 6?

Whatever you choose, you'll always need icons for your navigation or tab bar. Provided by Pixeden, "Tab Bar Icons iOS 7" is a series of iOS 7 inspired tab bar icons with a mix of default icons and custom ones. Those new icons are here to help you refresh your apps and test the water of the new apple iOS design paradigm. Download the icon pack for free.

iOS7 Tab Bar Icons

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