Apple's iOS 7 was announced on Monday, showing a stripped-down flat-design inspired interface.

Designs, developers and iPhone users have raised concerns over the inconsistencies across the icons whilst others have praised the iOS for taking advantage of the z-axis.

Flat UI Design - Web Design Cheshire

Whilst flat UI design isn't new to the web, it's starting to become much more popular with more flat UI PSD templates appearing on social media and grabbing a large amount of attention; in particular, Designmodo's Flat UI and Bootstrap 3 that has a decidedly flat and minimal aesthetic.

jQuery Mobile Flat-UI Theme is based on Designmodo’s project, and brings some of these design conventions over to jQuery Mobile.

If you’re looking to really take a bite out of Apple’s iOS 7 design, the use of transparency effects might edge you closer to Jony Ive’s aesthetic. You could use something like Blur.js (GitHub: jakiestfu / Blur.js) to get a jQuery plugin API for transparency, or just write the relevant CSS by hand.

Flat UI Kit - Web Design Cheshire

Although themes and plugins are useful, the focus of modern flat design seems to be on colours. Choosing a suitable palette can be difficult, but there are shortcuts. I liked Daniel Jalkut’s post on Adobe’s Kuler – the iPhone app can be used to generate colour palettes from the camera, which Daniel describes as “granting superpowers to users”.

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