LinkedIn has followed behind the footsteps of Facebook and Twitter with its latest update - announcing that companies can now run Sponsored Updates on their pages.

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The move will allow more than 3 million companies currently using the social network to pay to promote their updates to a broader audience, rather than just to those users who already follow them.

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"With Sponsored Updates, marketers will be able to distribute this content directly to relevant professionals in a place their customers and prospects are already consuming professionally relevant content," David Hahn, LinkedIn's vice president of product management, said in a statement.

"Marketers can target Sponsored Updates to any segment of our premium audience based on professional profile data across more than 225 million members."

Lately, LinkedIn has implemented an array of new features across the platform following the trends of other social networks like Facebook and Twitter - starting with its overhauled homepage and setting up a news feed that included updates and discussions from users and brands that they may follow.

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