The volume of jQuery plugins that are available out there is huge; so huge that it doesn't take much to miss some fantastic new plugins.

jQuery Web Design and Development Plugins

We've put together a list of some recently released plugins that should definitely not be missed.

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons

Responsive Social Sharing Buttons for Web Designers

As we've mentioned recently, responsive web design is becoming more important for your SEO and if you haven't got a responsive mobile-friendly website, then you're lagging behind. This plugin fantastically connects your website to common social platforms and allows your users to share your content. The buttons all scale down and respond to the users device. They're simple, clean, flat and very easy to integrate.

Want to take it a step further and count how many times a URL has been shared? We've got a JSON API that'll calculate how many times a link has been shared. We count Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Digg, StumbleUpon and more. Check out our Social Share Count API.

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Lightweight Progress Bars - nanobar.js

Nanobar.js - Lightweight jQuery Progress Bars

Although this isn't a jQuery plugin, this is a fantastic tiny (I mean it, it's only ~730 bytes gzip compressed) plugin that lets you create nano progress bars across the top of your windows. You don't require jQuery and its API is super simple to use.

The only code you need is:

var options = {
    bg: '#acf',
    // left target blank for global nanobar
    target: document.getElementById('myDivId'),
    // id for new nanobar
    id: 'mynano'
var nanobar = new Nanobar( options );
// move bar
nanobar.go( 30 ); // size bar 30%
// Finish progress bar

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Cytoscape - Javascript Graph Visualisation

Cytoscape is a JavaScript graph library for analysis and visualisation (compatible with CommonJS/Node.js, jQuery 1.4+, and plain JavaScript).

It allows you to easily display graphs across your website and works responsively to accommodate for all devices. The plugin allows users to interact with the graph and even hook into custom events. The library contains a slew of useful functions based around graph theory. If you're looking for the perfect graph, network or data visualisation tool - this is definitely worth a look over.

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What's Near By?

What's Near By Me? Javascript jQuery Plugin for Designers and Developers

Looking for an easy way to display what is near by around your visitor. Look no further, WhatsNearBy effortlessly lets you display places of interest nearby to your users position. The plugin lets you toggle between different points of interests to display and can exclude certain keywords from the results. The plugin is based on top of the Google Maps JS API.

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Viewport Detection - isInViewport.js

This lightweight plugin lets you determine whether an element is in the viewport and lets you take advantage of the :in-viewport psuedo-selector. The plugin is ideal if you want to determine the visibility of elements at different break points or interactions with your page.

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Background Image Check

This plugin is ideal if you want to change the colour of elements based on the brightness of an underlying image or background. This plugin automatically adapts child elements based on the background. The plugin can be used to adjust the image of a fullscreen slider and integrates nicely with FlexSlider (or any slider to that matter).

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