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Weekly Roundup #2

Our weekly roundup #2

We made it a second week! Here's our second round up of the neatest things on the web this week. (Does anyone even say neatest anymore?)


Skala Preview

Although I didn't discover this in the past week, I feel like I should share it with all of you who design anything for mobile. Skala hooks up to Photoshop and casts "pixel perfect, colour perfect designs" to your iOS and Android devices. Yes, both!

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Google Material Design Icons 2.1

Web king, Google, released a shiny new icon pack this week with a complete sprite sheet overhaul. The pack saw the release of 96 new icons including accessibility, copyright and date range. They kindly labelled the latest icons with "new". Handy.

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Foundation 6

The biggest thing in front-end development this week was the release of Foundation 6. "The yeti has landed," so they said. I'm saving my fingers writing about this one as we'll be having a review blog coming shortly. In the meantime, go look at how awesome it is. It really is awesome.

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Horrendous at math? Me too. NTH-TEST is a really useful site that helps you work out the nth-child when you have the arithmetic skills of a schoolkid.

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3D CSS Effect

RED AND BLUE 3D GLASSES AREN'T DEAD! Una at Almost Profound gives you a guide on how to reacreate 3D photo effects from films using some nice CSS magic.

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Phinx makes database migrations effortlessly easy. It has support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. It’s lightweight and very easy to integrate into any existing web application framework.

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Carbon is a PHP API extension for the DateTime object. Tired of having to modify a DateTime object to manipulate dates? Carbon takes care of all the hassle with handy helper methods ‘addDay’, ‘addWeek’, ‘subDay’, ‘subWeek’ and many more. Even better, Carbon can handle age calculations from a given date and handle multiple timezones.

// To get started, create a new Carbon instance:
$now = \Carbon\Carbon::now();
$tomorrow = $now->addDay();
$nextWeek = $now->addWeek();// You can create instances from times, dates or timestamps:
$dateObject = \Carbon\Carbon::createFromDate(2015, 11, 20, ‘GMT’);
$dateObject = \Carbon\Carbon::createFromTime(16, 0, 0, ‘Europe/London’);// With any objects, you can then calculate ages and run comparisons:
$dateObject->age; // Not very old, really!// You’ve got gte, lte, gt, lt
if ($dateObject->gte($nextWeek)) {}// Want to quickly see if your date is a weekend, it’s got that too!
$dateObject->isWeekend();// And to top it off, quickly produce a human readable ‘time since’ message
// which will produce ‘1 day, 2 hours and 15 minutes ago’

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Can you believe it? Another week over. Join us the same time next week for a brew and a catch up.