One of the most powerful tools for an effective Web Design is the immediate impact it has on your visitors and potential clients.

A common practice to create a powerful looking website is to use a fullscreen background image, video or slideshow. Picking the right photo creates a very effective away to engage with your visitors.

Below are a list of our favourite websites that showcase some fantastic designs:


BBG - Web Design

Brooklyn Beta 2013

Brooklyn Beta

Code ComputerLove

Code - Minimalist Web Design

Coffee Surfing

Coffee Surfing - Minimalist Web Design

Juliana Bicycles

Juliana - Minimalist Web Design


Loop - Web Design

Oakley One - Tour de France

Oakley One - Minimalist Web Design

Playground Inc.

Playground Inc. - Minimalist Web Design


Snapwire - Web Design


Ullevi - Minimalist Web Design

What is your favourite design? Have you ever put together a minimalist design or a fullscreen web page?

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