Mozilla, the developers behind the Firefox OS, have announced it will soon start launching Firefox OS-based devices in new markets around the world.

Firefox OS

Mozilla launched the first Firefox OS smartphones, the ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch Fire, in July 2013. Presently, the devices are available from Telefonica in Spain, Colombia and Venezuela, as well as Deutsche Telekom in Poland.

Though Mozilla did not confirm the exact 'new markets' they'd be making Firefox OS-based devices available in, it mentioned the possibility of Brazil, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro and Serbia. They also mentioned they were looking into the launch of Firefox-OS in 'three other Latin America markets'.

The new Firefox OS phones will come pre-loaded with the latest version of the operating system, version 1.1, which brings performance improvements and features such as MMS (Multimedia Messaging) support. Mozilla said existing phones running the Firefox-OS can expect the update to its OS 'soon'.

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Mozilla are still taking the same approach, pushing forward applications written in the web-based HTML5 language instead of its own bespoke company-owned platform. They hope the expansion into new markets will allow those that currently do not have, or cannot afford a smartphone, to take advantage of modern technology.

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