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Social Likes

jQuery Plugins, March 2013 - Social Links

Social Likes uses jQuery and allows you to create simple single style buttons with customisable counters. You can take advantage of the pre-built setup and configuration script.


jQuery Plugins, March 2013 - Equalize

Equalize is a jQuery plugin for equalising heights and widths of elements. Takes care of the dimensions so you don't need to worry about the CSS.


jQuery Plugins, March 2013 - Gridster Layout

Gridster.js is a drag-and-drop multi-column grid layout that's responsive and easy to implement. Re-adjust your website or provide a platform for customisation on your website to move specific blocks to different areas.


jQuery Plugins, March 2013 - Turn Flipbook

Turn.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows you to create a custom flipbook with HTML5. It is adapted to work on most browsers, phones and tablet devices, and features a simple and clean API.


jQuery Plugins, March 2013 - Unheap

Unheap is a simple, clean and tidy repository of jQuery plugins.

Photoset Grid

jQuery Plugins, March 2013 - Photoset Grid

Photoset Grid is a simple jQuery plugin that arranges your images into a flexible grid, based around the Tumblr photoset feature.

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