Fortune has released their annual Global 500 list which ranks the world's largest corporations by revenue.

Samsung Fortune's 500

The top of the list is always filled with oil companies, however, the largest IT company is currently Samsung Electronics which was in 14th place with $178.6 billion in revenue. Apple was 5 places behind, in 19th with 'only' $156.5 billion in revenue.

Last year, Samsung was in 20th place with $148.9 billion in revenue and $12.1 billion in profits. Apple was 55th on the list with $108.2 billion in revenue and $25.9 billion in profits.

Though Apple still holds onto its reign of profits with Apple taking $41.7 billion in comparison to Samsung's $20.6 billion. Apple still holds onto the title of the second largest profits in the top 100, following behind Exxon Mobil (3rd with $449.9 billion in revenue and $44.9 billion in profis). Royal Dutch Shell take the lead with a $481.7 billion revenue and $26.6 billion profits.

'Dominating Revenue'

Using only revenue, Apple and Samsung are nearly grossing as much as Sony, Panasonic, Dell, Microsoft and Google put together, which are at 83rd, 94th, 110th, 165th and 189th place, respectively.

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