SimCity has been around for years with the last release being 'SimCity Societies' in 2007, it had been a long wait for a new title.

The arrival of SimCity came with many negative impacts, server problems on the launch meant that users were unable to play for hours, if at all, and even when they did finally log on to an EA server, their progress wasn't saving - as was so in my case.

The major thing as everyone has mentioned is the fact the game requires a constant internet connection, even to play alone, you need to be connected which only creates more hassle and load for the EA servers. However, according to their latest report on their blog, everything is stabilising (finally! - SimCity update 5).

So, how is the game play?

Overall, I'm made up with the game. It makes you think logically (although, be it said the algorithms that SimCity used have come under dispute over the logic behind what powers the path finders for transport networks such as shuttle buses or school buses) and the restricted size of the city you're given is a let-down, it really puts a harness on what you can actually build and how you can grow. Normally, you're hassled for residential zones all the time by which point your city is full.

One thing that really bugs me is clutter and that's exactly what every city I've built so far turns into. It is hard to plan in advance where you want your major roads to go and, annoyingly, it is impossible to expand on the roads you build into a denser larger avenue once you've got buildings along it (this is a bug I'm going to report - I want to delete the road, not the building!). I end up with on major road that seems to have a lot of tiny splurts of connections out of it, all with high traffic and no way to cure this.

Oh, and the amount of times it tells me to build more residential. I have no space. Help.

Disaster lookout?

SimCity 5 - Monster, Natural Disasters

You may get some unwanted visitors to your city. Disasters come in all shapes and sizes, from the Monster above trampling your city (I had just built a full University and it ploughed it all down, typical!) or some alien encounters!

SimCity 5 - Aliens, Natural Disasters

Join my region

Finding games with available slots has proven a challenge to me. I simply cannot find anywhere to join, I always end up creating new games which never helps as I have no friends on Origin. If you're already connected on SimCity and need somewhere to pitch yourself search for me 'LewisTheobald' and join my active regions!


The following video below shows the timelapse birth of a city, it's a fantastic video showing you some of the cool things lurking under the bonnet of SimCity.

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