A recently survey sent to some SimCity players suggests a potential much-requested offline mode may be in development and released in a patch soon.

SimCity EA Patch Update

As anyone who plays SimCity will know, disaster struck when SimCity was released and was provided as an online always-connected mode; though EA insisted the game was designed to be played online only by connecting to its servers.

The survey appeared on Reddit on Thursday and asks players for their opinions on several patch or expansion ideas that we could see in the future. Reddit users shared the email - it started with, "Our records indicate you have played SimCity in the past, and we're interested in learning more about your gaming experience."

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A copy of the survey can be found here on Imgur, and asks users to rank potential changes to SimCity's gameplay from "not at all interested" to "very interested." Some parts of the survey appears be in direct response to user complaints:

  • Classic Mode: In Offline or Online mode, play a single fully function city using cheats and unlocks to allow you to create your perfect city.
  • Bigger Cities: Imagine city spaces that are 2x the current city size, to build bigger cities.
  • Cities Without Boundaries: The landscape is wide open. Push your cities for miles and miles. Set your own city borders and connect your cities however you like.
  • Build Together: Build cities together with friends at the same time. Create faster, compete and experience SimCity like never before.

These potential ideas of larger city plots and shared gameplay interactions are features that users have requested since the game launched in March.

What are your thoughts on the proposed changes to SimCity and would you get the SimCity expansion? You can get in touch with us by mentioning #ALJTMedia on Twitter, leaving a comment on our FacebookGoogle+ or LinkedIn page, or writing a comment below.

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