If you're interested in setting up your own store, then you'll need to find a platform that lets you do that and suits you.

Thankfully, there is a huge selection to choose from. I'm going to look into the most popular platforms available and the platforms that I personally think are awesome and that you should definitely consider.


CubeCart - Best E-Commerce Solutions

CubeCart is a robust shopping cart solution. It features an intuitive resourceful control panel, easy access to sales reports, SEO compatible and provides you with additional flexibility to develop hooks (plugins). You can get a Lite version for free or upgrade to Pro for a one time payment of £120.00. Runs on PHP5 and MySQL.


OpenCart - Best E-Commerce Solutions

OpenCart is renowned for being one of the more preferred e-commerce solutions giving you the ability to create multiple shops, categories, produts, promotions, control shipping, taxes, currencies, countries and much more. It is feature rich, easy to setup and use, and it is search engine friendly. It is easy to customise and further extend with additional module / plugins available from their website. Runs PHP5 and MySQL.


WooCommerce - Best E-Commerce Solutions

WooCommerce is developed by the creators of WordPress and is a unique open source e-commerce solution that sits on top of your WordPress site. It is a toolkit that helps you sell anything. It delivers enterprise-level quality and rich-features to setup your own e-commerce business in no time. It is written in fully semantic HTML5 markup and adheres to the Schema vocabulary assisting your SEO and search engine ranking.


Magento - Best E-Commerce Solutions

Magento provides a flexible, feature-rich solution that addresses a wide range of business sizes, needs and budgets. The drawback to Magento is that you'll be hooked into a monthly subscription fee unless you use the more restricted community version. Non-the-less it makes setting up your shop, selling products and customising your site to your exact needs very easy whilst providing you with reports and statistics of your sales.

Maian Cart

Maian Cart - Best E-Commerce Solutions

Maian Cart is a powerful e-commerce solution that has all the features you need to run your own online store. It supports several payment solutions, multiple product-category sorting, product downloads such as video or audio files, tags, news tickers, discount promotions, special offers and much more. Runs PHP4.3 (PHP5 is recommended) upwards and MySQL.

STIVA Shopping Cart

Stiva Shopping Cart - Best E-Commerce Solutions

STIVA Shopping Cart is a simple yet powerful e-commerce solution which gives you full control over product details, payments and your product listings. It gives you the complete freedom to manage your products, categories, overview orders, customise your site appearance and much more. Uniquely, it allows an easy integration and can be embedded through an iframe.


X-Cart - Best E-Commerce Solutions

X-Cart has recently revamped their entire e-commerce range with a new X-Cart Next , a next generation cloud based platform. X-Cart is a brilliant solution that's packed with features letting you sell anything from anywhere without a single restriction. It is fully compliant with payment data security standards and you're able to integrate with all popular payment gateways. Additionally, it provides support to sell through Facebook with f-Commerce Go. However, X-Cart is not cheap and there are many other free alternatives that provide the same level that X-Cart does.


CS-Cart - Best E-Commerce Solutions

CS-Cart is a completely open-source ehaustive e-commerce solution allowing you to build an e-commerce business of any size without any hassle. It features a built-in content management system that allows you to create, edit and publish web content to your site including newsletters, contact forms and surveys. CS-Cart is search engine optimised with friendly URLs and Google sitemap support.

Do you run your own online e-commerce business? What software do you use or personally believe is the best? Let me know your comments by mentioning #ALJTMedia on Twitter or leave a comment on our Facebook or Google+ page.

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