We all struggle with staying productive from time to time; especially if you’re a freelancer or work from home.

Try to fight the calling of Netflix to watch Orange is the New Black (though, I’m sure we’ve all watched it already). Below is a selection of tips to help you increase your day-to-day productivity and get stuff done!

Tips for Increasing Your Productivity

  1. Do the task you dread the most straight away. Getting the boring, long and tedious tasks out of the way first thing in the morning and you will enjoy the rest of your day even more without worrying about what’s to come.
  2. Make your bed. It is suggested that making your bed in the morning boosts happiness and prepares you to start the day.  
  3. Try to sleep more. When you live and work on the computer, it can be hard to step away at night and actually go to bed at a reasonable time. There is nobody around to tell you to turn it off, so have some willpower and try to get to bed earlier. Your body and health will thank you for it.
  4. Step away from the computer. Apart from the obvious health risks of being at a computer for extended periods of time, you can also increase productivity by walking away. Try to split offline tasks over your working week so you have an hour each day where you aren’t in front of a computer screen.
  5. Break projects down into small tasks. When starting a large project, I find there is always a reluctance to get going knowing how much there is to do. Sit down and break the project into small sections and set realistic goals for these sections to be completed. You will find yourself whizzing through the project in no time, with a happy client at the end of it!
  6. Set boundaries. When working for yourself, it’s easy to say “I’ll just check my emails one more time.” Try to disconnect yourself on the weekend and remove yourself from a working mind-set and spend time with the people that mean most to you. When you wake up on Monday morning, you will be raring to go.
  7. Avoid timewasting sites. Guilty as charged, I often find myself checking social media or other timewasting sites and passing them off as “breaks”. Instead of this, plan out your day and tell yourself you will take breaks away from the computer at specified times. If you break these, no Game of Thrones for you!
  8. Don’t multitask. Trying to do a number of things at once will reduce your productivity greatly and you won’t be putting as much effort into the tasks you’re trying to rush through. Combat this by managing your time effectively and the quality of your work will increase.
  9. Reward yourself. When you finish a task, big or small, try to reward yourself. Don’t move straight onto another project or you will find yourself revolving only around work and not enjoying the positivity from achieving something great. Break open that bottle of wine, bar of chocolate or download that album you’ve been waiting for, you deserve it!
  10. Find your working style. I find working to dance music helps me get into the zone. Half of the time I have no idea what I have listened to because I’m too busy concentrating on my projects (but that means its working, right?) Others prefer silence, but finding what works for you will help you get on with your work and complete your tasks.
  11. Keep a notebook and pen within arm’s reach. I am forever trying to find a pen and paper when a client rings out of the blue. Having one nearby will save the “Um… Let me just try and find a pen” scenario. You will also be able to jot down any ideas that come to you throughout the day and save them for later.
  12. Group together the boring tasks. Try to complete emailing, content writing and phone calls into a single batch. Once these are completed, you can focus on more important and pressing matters.

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By completing some, or all of these tasks, you will find your productivity increasing greatly and you will be getting more done. Do you have any tips to add? Let us know in the comments below or join the conversation on social media by using #ALJTMedia!

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