Tumblr announced that it is introducing advertising to user's dashboards on desktop devices following on from the ads used on mobile devices.

The ads look like regular posts, distinguished only by a dollar sign icon in the upper right corner. Users can favourite and reblog the posts as usual, which Tumblr claims users have already done more than 10 million times on mobile sponsored posts.

Tumblr - Sponsored Posts, ALJT Media

The changes appear to have been as a result of Yahoo acquiring Tumblr for an enormous $1.1 billion that was announced earlier this month. Tumblr had started rolling out sponsored posts last year and had plans to increase its revenue from advertising without affecting the image of Tumblr.

Tumblr has introduced ads to the Radar and Spotlight sections of the site, where Tumblr highlights noteworthy content and blogs, and to the mobile version of its site. Tumblr is now giving more visibility to sponsored ads across the entire platform. However, Tumblr has allegedly stated that users will see no more than four ads in their feed a day.

Is this a result of Yahoo's acquisition? 

Tumblr have also altered the layout of the dashboard by adding a border separating the interactions with a post and the content itself. Notes and post controls are now at the bottom of every post intsead of, what has been since Tumblr started, located at the top.

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