We've just updated Stalkr to include a new real-time notification centre, in-app analytics and various fixes to handle deleted drafts.

Tumblr Stalkr Updates

Stalkr is a web-app for Tumblr that lets you monitor your followers, who unfollows you, who doesn't follow you back and who you don't follow back. You're able to store a history of changes and easily follow and unfollow people directly from Stalkr.

The latest updates for Tumblr Stalkr provide accounts with more of an in-depth view into changes on their account, whilst giving an overview of everything that happens from within Stalkr.

Notification Centre

We've made it easier for you to get a quick overview of activity on your account - who viewed your profile (on Stalkr) and who unfollowed or followed you from within Stalkr.

We're working on some pretty exciting new features that'll embed into your Tumblr blog and link up with Stalkr to give you statistics on who's viewing your profile, the most popular posts, most re-blogged posts, who your visitors are, where they're from and the number of hits your blog is getting.

In-App Analytics

We keep track of all interactions on Stalkr and so far our 157,000 users have racked up over 75 million views, blog follows and unfollows, and unfollower checks. We've got a lot of data that we're excited to churn into meaningful graphs and charts for you to see how your blog is featuring overall on Stalkr. We're developing this alongside our new analytics that'll give you a complete overview of all your statistics.

Deleted Drafts

Did you accidently delete your draft? Don't worry - we've put together two recovery methods to restore your Stalkr account into full functionality. If we detect that we can't load your follower information from your blog, we'll automatically use a copy we keep safe on Stalkr. If all else fails, we can always create a new one for you.

If you do delete your draft, we'll automatically create a new draft for you and your first run of Stalkr will show no changes in your account but after that, we'll display our results as normal.

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