Research from tracking service Adeven suggests that over two-thirds of all apps on Apple's App Store are barely downloaded.

App Store Zombies - Web Design Cheshire

Apple has claimed that 90% of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps in the App Store are downloaded at least once a month.

With Apple celebrating its '5 Years of the App Store' it is no wonder that smaller developers are struggling to get noticed with the large companies storming over them.

Adeven compiled a database of 888,856 apps and found that 579,0001 apps are what it defines as 'zombies' - an app that never appears in Apple's master-list of the most downloaded apps around the world. That is, any app that doesn't appear in any one of the thousands of charts published by Apple which are tracked on a daily basis. 

"We can't say exactly how many downloads they have - Apple doesn't reveal this - but it is very small", a spokesperson for the company told the BBC.

Paolo Pescatore, director of apps and media at CCS Insight, said developers faced visibility issues across all platforms, not just with Apple's store.

"We track the top apps being downloaded from all the major app stores and it's always the same names.

"We very rarely see new players breaking through. They face a monumental challenge.".

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