Ubuntu Edge founder Mark Shuttleworth says the crowdfunding failure isn't the end of the dream and that the hopes and ambitions will remain high.

Ubunut Edge

Shuttleworth also said that manufactures and mobile operators are interested in producing smartphones with Ubuntu Mobile, aiming to capture 25% of the market share.

The Ubuntu Edge crowdfunding project missed its $32m target by nearly $20m, winning $12.6m of pledges and a total of 17,215 phones out of the 40,000 it needed to be funded. All the money will now be returned with IndieGoGo generously forsaking the usual cut that it demands from failed projects.

Shuttleworth said ahead of the deadline that if it failed, "It's definitely set a record for the most money raised, but also for the most missed in a campaign." The total pledges were almost $2m ahead of those raised by the Pebble smartwatch on Kickstarter - which did, however, hit and exceed its funding goal".

The Ubuntu Edge would have been a smartphone with 128GB storage, running both Android and Ubuntu Mobile, and capable of working as a desktop computer when plugged into a large screen. If the $32m total had been hit, Canonical said it would begin providing them from May 2014.

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