If you're looking to host a static website, Google Drive could be the perfect solution for you. Google provides its users with 15GB of storage free or 100GB for just $1.99 / month.

Hosting a Website using Google Drive

To get your site up and running on Google Drive, there is just a few steps you need to follow.

Upload and Share your Files on Google Drive

Create a folder on Google Drive:

Google Drive - Creating a Shared Folder

Once created, right click the folder and go to 'Share' and then click 'Share..' on the drop-level menu. On the share popup that appears, select 'Public on the web':

Google Drive Sharing Settings on Web

Now take the Google Drive folder ID from the following URL:

Google Drive Shared Folder ID

With your folder ID, you can load the Google Drive URL by accessing:


Using a Custom Domain Name

By default, Google provides a public URL that you can access using your shared folder ID though doesn't provide any method of setting up a DNS CNAME so that you can point to your folder. Sadly, it's a much requested feature but has never been introduced.

In the next article we'll follow up on using our Google Drive application to get around this issue and using your custom domain name.

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