It was bound to happen eventually, but today Twitter and Vine finally changed from "favourites" to "likes". 

No longer will you see that little gold, bouncing star when you favourite a tweet. Instead, you get a little multi-colour heart explosion that aims to make you feel all warm inside. And it does.

As Twitter's product manager, Akarshan Kumar, stated in the blog post announcing the change, "The heart, in contrast, is a universal symbol that resonates across languages, cultures, and time zones." They're right. 

Facebook has dominated for many years, spearheading the "like" trend as one of it's staple features and it wasn't long before Twitter followed suit. Everybody knows how to like something (Instagram, Periscope, etc) but not all new users will know what favouriting means; the main reason behind the change. "You might like a lot of things, but not everything can be your favorite." says Akarshan.

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Twitter has been testing hearts since June, and now you'll be seeing hearts (likes) roll out today all across, Twitter for iOS and Android, Windows 10, as well as Vine's Android app and website. It won't be long before you'll be seeing the set completed on Vine for iOS and Twitter for Mac.