Welcome to July! We’ve been so busy in the office that we didn’t find time to write the roundup last week, but we’ll make up for it today. Promise.

Check out the great design and development resources we’ve put together for you below! We have some really great stuff this week.

Adam AvatarAdam

Font Fit

Font Fit – Weekly Roundup

Photo: Made by Magnitude

I’ve been waiting for a tool like this for SO LONG! I’m glad an easy to use solution has finally arrived. Font Fit allows you to preview a huge range of fonts on your website (or any website, as a matter of fact) across H1’s, H2’s, p’s and more. You can also change sizes, colours and styles to see what will look just right.


Ruth AvatarRuth


Marksheet – Weekly Roundup

Photo: Marksheet

For anyone who works with HTML & CSS, whether a beginner or a pro, this site is a great little resource to help you remember all of the snippets of code you will find yourself using daily. 

Most of us who have been coding for a long period of time will type code, and it’s second nature - almost like muscle memory. You just do it, and you know it works. This site (displayed in a beautiful format) gives you extremely simple guidelines on how and why you use the markup, examples and just general support, laid out so easily too. 

Marksheet also dives into some advanced css and sass tutorials, which are great to brush up your skills with, even if you use them regularly.


Juma AvatarJuma

DoNotPay is A.I. Done Right

DoNotPay – Weekly Roundup

Photo: donotpay.co.uk

DoNotPay is the world’s first Robot lawyer according to its creator. The bot was created with the purpose of helping users challenge traffic tickets and has already successfully contested 160,000 of the 250,000 requests made boasting an impressive 64% success rate.

To make use of the bot, users have to log into donotpay.co.uk and chat to a bot that asks a set of important questions which help determine whether the user has a strong claim or not. The creators have also announced plans to release a developer platform which would only require knowledge of the law to develop.

Artificial Intelligence has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years although most bots created still don’t have a big impact on people’s lives. This makes DoNotPay a breath of fresh air and we look forward to the new features as the project grows.


Lewis AvatarLewis


PHP Coding – Weekly Roundup

Photo: Pixabay

In the creepy era of full transparency of everything you do online, Inspector is a PHP library that fetches your social accounts, websites, names, photos, employment history and any other details it can possibly scrape online about you! Weird, right? The package is powered by FullContact, so you’ll need to grab yourself an API key. But once you’ve got that, you could easily integrate this alongside your registration process to fetch additional information instead of the user needing to fill it all in themselves!

$inspector = new ZeeshanInspectorInspector($apiKey);
$user = $inspector->getProfile('email@domain.com');

The full list of methods available are:


It’s only in an early alpha state but the results you can get are fairly impressive, even on a considerably large codebase. PHPSA is capable of looking for unused variables, undefined properties, missing / incorrectly typed PHP documentation blocks, control flow, segments of code that look probably to being bug-prone and any other general syntax errors.

The setup is painless, just installing the single executable file or through Composer in any project. It’s definitely worth keeping your eye on this and seeing how its future development could really help diminish the chance of bugs in your web development project!



Countries – Weekly Roundup

Photo: Pixabay

Practically every web development project we’ve ever worked on has required us to integrate some form of countries database. The countries repository by @mledoze is perfect for just that. If lets you access the world countries in JSON, CSV, XML and YAML. It contains all countries, country codes, ISO codes, International Olympic Committee, calling codes, capital city, regions, subregions, languages, latitude and longitude, even the land border mappings!

This is a very powerful repository of everything you could possibly imagine for the geography of any country - definitely worth implementing in your project!



Piecon – Weekly Roundup

Photo: Pixabay

Whilst exploring the Countries package above, I also stumbled on Piecon developed by the same developer. Piecon is a tiny Javascript library for dynamically generating progress pie charts for your favicon. You can customise the colours and provide a fallback method for browsers that don’t support it – nifty!


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