It's getting pretty festive here at Made by Magnitude. We're talking Christmas songs, Santa hats and way too many chocolates.

So if you’re in the spirit for receiving gifts yourself, here’s our gift to you: Awesome design and development resources from the community this week!


Pantone Colour(s) of the Year 2016

Pantone Colours of the Year 2016

Photo: Pantone

Last weeks news, this weeks roundup. Each year we gear up for the new Pantone colour and decide how it will set the tone for the next 12 months (or ignore it and continue as normal) but for 2016, we’ve gotten 2! Rose Quartz and Serenity have been paired together to create a “soothing sense of order and peace”. 


Spotify Year in Music

Spotify Year in Music

Photo: Spotify

I love Spotify’s feature websites, giving the ability to breakdown and analyse what you listen to is equal parts interesting and embarrassing. They’ve released their Year in Music website for 2015 featuring a really fantastic design and fluid, simple functionality tailored to you and your listening habits – even if it is a little slow.


Shazam-Like Morphing Button

Tympanus Button

Photo: Tympanus

Tympanus are constantly putting out interesting and experimental CSS snippets. This week they’ve given us a button that transforms into a music player using Snap.svg. Cool right?!



Foundation CDN

Foundation CDN

Photo: Stocksnap

If Foundation is your go-to framework (and why shouldn’t it be?) - then you will love the new CDN site hosting all of the libraries for F6!


Yeti Launch

Yeti Launch Zurb

Photo: Zurb

Another Foundation related snippet, but well worth the limelight this week. For anyone not liking the CLI when setting up a new framework, Zurb have created a launcher UI which allows you to install a foundation site in a matter of seconds. 

Focussing on F6, Yeti Launch allows you to create a site, app or email project with the click of a button. 


Color Hunt

Color Hunt

Photo: Color Hunt

There are numerous colour choosing sites out there, which give complementary colour ideas for your next project, but Color Hunt has cropped up and given an easy way to quickly select a scheme - with a real cute interface to match!

There is an option to add Color Hunt to Chrome, which reloads a new trending colour scheme every refresh - but I’m yet to see the advantage of this, when it’s so much easier (and fun) to quickly skim the site itself to find a good match! 



You Don’t Need jQuery

You Don't Need jQuery

Photo: jQuery

You heard right, jQuery has dominated the market for as long as I can remember. But why? Without a doubt, jQuery is awesome. It’s packed with every possible feature you could imagine. But with browsers natively supporting most of what it does, why not cut the overhead jQuery adds to your site?

That’s where YDNJ comes in. With every browser, frontend development rapidly changes so save yourself the time of learning jQuery and learn the native Javascript that browsers use. With the popularity of Angular and React (yes, there’s plenty more out there!) on the increase, manipulating the DOM directly is now an anti-pattern in development and jQuery really doesn’t need to be used at all.

From query selection, CSS manipulation, DOM manipulation, AJAX calls, event handling and translations - they’ve covered everything you may want to use jQuery for.


We’re A Phan

Phan by Etsy

Photo: Pixabay

Looking for an ideal PHP static analysis tool? That’s Phan for you. With the recent release of PHP 7, developers have jumped on top of its speed and performance increase, bringing with it the need to analyse and inspect our code quality. Developed by Etsy, Phan requires PHP 7+ and the php-ast extension.


Get your Funct on

Get Your Funct On

Photo: Funct

There’s dozens of libraries for Javascript that give you access to copious helper methods (Iodash, underscore, etc.) and now there’s the same for PHP. 

Funct is a library containing commonly used code blocks for faster development. For handling array’s with arrayKeyNotExists, notInArray; collections with firstN, groupBy, forEvery, findWhere; and strings with camelize, countOccurences, stripPunctuation, titleize - the list goes on.

Installed through Composer, it’s easy to get this library hooked into any existing codebase.


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