Welcome to our 20th(!) weekly design and development roundup! Can you believe it's been that long already?

We’ve been quiet for a few weeks, but we’re back with more design and development goodies for you to get your teeth into! No Friday the 13th bad luck here!

Adam AvatarAdam

Instagram Brand Update

Instagram Logo Update

Photo: Instagram

If telling everybody that their timeline would be changing to an algorithmic format akin to Facebook wasn’t enough, this week Instagram revitalised their existing brand to introduce a super-bright app icon, simplified glyph and a stripped back black and white app. 

While it’s taking a little white to get used to seeing the new icon on our homescreen, the brand definitely needed a little shake-up, and this was just the right time to do it.


Ruth AvatarRuth

Ghost Desktop

Ghost Desktop

Photo: Ghost

John O’Nolan and his team have just launched a desktop version of their blogging app ‘Ghost’, built using the excellent Electron. It’s extremely lightweight, simple and easy to use, and although many companies are now going cloud based, John revealed: 

“ … we've seen huge benefits from the native apps like Slack which generally command more attention from users with a more active presence on their device. Native apps are distinguished from the plethora of open browser tabs, and also benefit from having assets preloaded for fast performance “

Definitely recommended for anyone considering making their own journal, or even just for a place to jot down their memos.


Facebook Livemap

Facebook Livemap Screenshot

Photo: Facebook

If you’ve dabbled in live streams on Facebook recently, you can search who’s live right now around you, and across the globe. It’s an incredible way to see what the rest of the world get up to on a typical Monday morning - and for anyone who enjoys a spot of people watching, this takes it to a whole new level! 



Hear App

Photo: Hear

Listen to the world in an amazing new way. 

HEAR harmonises your hearing to help you be less distracted and reduce stress. It filters your acoustic environment, takes out harsh sounds and turns noise into tranquil harmonies. If you use this app you will become more focused and relaxed.

You can also listen to your own music at the same time as using HEAR. It's great in any situation when you want to listen to music but still need to hear your environment (at work or when jogging).

The faces people pull when they have this going on through their earphones is enough alone to download it. Never had so much fun on an app before! The sleep one though ... that's the stuff of nightmares.


Juma AvatarJuma

Dropbox as a True Git Server

Dropbox Git

Photo: Pixabay

Git-remote-dropbox is a transparent bidirectional bridge between Git and Dropbox. It allows users to use a Dropbox folder or a shared folder as a remote repository.The Dropbox-backed repository supports all operations that regular repositories support, and it provides identical guarantees in terms of atomicity even when there are concurrent operations, even whilst using a shared folder.

BitBucket and GitLab are currently the most popular hosting services for revision control systems. Although GitLab’s free version doesn’t limit the amount of unique contributors  for each local repository, BitBucket only offers 5 unique contributors for each repository. 


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