Happy Friday! The weekend is finally upon us again, and we’ve got the perfect resources to tide you over until Monday.

This week, Microsoft confirmed they would be aquiring LinkedIn for an obscene amount of money, Apple kicked off WWDC 2016 with watchOS, iOS and macOS and Google Fonts got a makeover!

Adam AvatarAdam

New Look for Google Fonts

Google Fonts Redesign

Photo: Google

We loved Google fonts before the makeover, and we’ll continue to love them after. This just makes things a little easier.

In the update, you can now change things link background colour, size, symbols and weight individually, or apply it to all fonts on the screen! Super handy.


Ruth AvatarRuth

Animated Heat Distortion Effects

Tympanus Distortion Effects

Photo: Tympanus

An amazing tutorial by Tympanus on how to use fragment shaders in WebGL to create an animated heat haze distortion effect on images and text. Not only heat haze, but also jet heat, pan heat and water distortion! 

The demos use some modern web technology that might not work in older browsers, but hopefully this will push more and more people into using the latest web browsers!


Juma AvatarJuma

LinkedIn Acquired by Microsoft

LinkedIn Microsoft Acquisition

Photo: Microsoft

Huge news in the tech and social media-sphere this week as Microsoft announced that they would be acquiring LinkedIn in a $26.2 billion takeover. The transaction is expected to close this calendar year and has thrown into question the future of other large social networks that have had a struggling few quarters, such as Twitter.


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